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Supporting the local economy by placing the entrepreneur at the forefront

The ABLV Group is a Swiss company with stakes in various companies. Its core mission is to support the local economy by helping local companies to consolidate, as well as by supporting entrepreneurs. The Group brings to this task extensive professional skills in the building of sustainable companies, and financial resources allowing companies to envisage the future.

Thanks to its strong Swiss foothold, the Group has excellent knowledge of the Swiss market, while working from its St-Sulpice headquarters in the Canton of Vaud.

The ABLV group philosophy

Every company is an ecosystem; our duty is to help make it sustainable

To develop a shared vision

We only acquire stakes in companies with which we are able to develop a shared vision. The ABLV Group’s involvement in a company must enable the consolidation and durability of its business activities, or fast-track its development.

To acquire a minority, yet active, stake in companies

At the ABLV Group, the entrepreneur is considered the cornerstone of a company. We work with him as co-entrepreneur to consolidate the company’s business activities and set it on a sustainable footing. This is why the ABLV Group is content with acquiring only minority stakes in companies, to avoid upsetting the balance critical to the company’s success.

Respect for corporate culture

Every company is a unique and specific ecosystem. We believe this uniqueness is the source of its structural strength. The ABLV Group is committed to safeguarding the autonomy and culture of the companies in which it has stakes.

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The ABLV Group Pledge
Photo by Ivan Bandura

ABLV group’s areas of expertise

Expertise and financial support that drives consolidation and development

The ABLV Group offers companies in the Group the opportunity to tap into both its financial strength and its network of experts, enabling them to expand effectively their own expertise.

The ABLV Group Team

Anne Gauthier-Jaques

Legal and PR

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Nathanaël Pittet

Business Management

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Blaise Luy

Project and Process Management

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Cyril Jotterand

Engineering and Technology

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Yves Jobin

Risk management and certifications

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Michel Baumann

Sales Strategy

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Fabien Besson

Digital and Brand Strategy

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Rue des Jordils 40
1025 St-Sulpice

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